C & C Syllabus

C & C Elective new Syllabi (<— click me)

 C & C Elective:College & Career School Year: 2017-18


Instructor: Mrs. Gonzalez

Office Hours: Tues & Thurs First period
E-Mail: mslgonzalez@coronacharter.org
Teacher Web Site: msg.ypics.org


SWBAT Become Highly Effective teens and will make their dreams come true by; Communicating effectively, working cooperatively, appreciating differences, learning how to be innovative, being organized, detail orientated, deliver presentations, argue effectively, prioritize, and know how to backward plan.


Be college and career ready as well as a Life Long Learner.Meet multiple deadlines


Expand Vocabulary

Identify potential career choices

College application process


Classroom Procedures

1.   Do Now

2.   Open computer to Mrs. G’s Google Classroom

3.   Be open, Think Critically, Ask questions


In order to be Successful, you will need…

§  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Book & Workbook, by Steve Covey

§  2’’ Binder with dividers

§  Highlighters & Post- Its (small & big)

§  Zipper binder pouch

§  Lead pencils & Multi-colored pens (black, blue, red..)

§  Planner

§  Post-it notes

Online Resources






Grading: Follow assignment rubric

4: Advanced

3: Proficient

2: Developing

1: Emerging

C & C Elective: Scope & sequence
Lesson Measure Of Success Learning Modality
Read me! • SWBAT Understand Class Syllabus • Individual, guided
Values & Career Choices • SWBAT Complete self Evaluation quizzes • Individual (self Evaluation)
Lets get organized! • SWBAT take Cornell notes in all subjects.• SWBAT navigate through their planner & learn to get organized • Individual or small group presentation



Work and Career Components • Students will be able to give a summary of their own career interest inventory • Individual, guided online work• Class or small group presentation
Lets be professional • Students will be able to write professional emails, business letters, resumes, and cover letters • Guided notes and individual
7 habits 


• SWBAT reflect in personal workbook • Individual or small group 

(Second semester begins)

College 101 • SWBAT learn all about the 4 systems of higher education admission requirements • Notes will be guided and there will be an Individual presentation
Testing 101 • SWBAT know how to prepare for the PSAT’s, SAT’s, & ACT’s • Guided, individual, & Team Work
Financial Literacy • SWBAT know about financial aid, scholarships, loans, & beyond • Guided, individual, & Team Work